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APV-Tech Centre – Concussion head band testing

Australian Performance Vehicles Pty Ltd - Friday, July 15, 2016


APV’s testing facility at Campbellfield Victoria, has been utilised in the testing of an innovative new device intended to combat the detrimental effects of concussion in sport. A head band, designed to be worn by sporting participants, measures and records the high accelerations, (G’s), a person’s head experiences when involved in strong collisions and impacts which sometimes occur during a contact sporting event. The ultimate aim of the headband is to allow monitoring and management of sports men and sports women to minimise the harmful consequences of concussion in sport.

Testing carried out in APV’s Crash testing energy dissipation rig, employed a Hybrid III dummy wearing the headband, with head trauma achieved via impacts with a swinging pendulum. Several impacts were performed with the pendulum being released from ever increasing heights to impart more energy to the head of the dummy. Acceleration measurements recorded by the rigs instrumentation were used to correlate with levels recorded by accelerometers mounted in the headband’s instrumentation.


The effect of strong body contact was also investigated with the use of a heavier pendulum mass impacting the chest of the dummy. The subsequent head rotation was captured by gyroscopic transducers in the head band, with linear motions being captured by the headband’s accelerometers.

Acceleration levels as high as 120 g were achieved in the investigation and data collected provided the ground work for fine tuning the sensitivity of the device. In practice, the headband’s output would be wirelessly sent to a phone or other media device to give a coach the critical information needed to allow a decision to be made as to whether a player is safe to continue playing after a minor bump, or if the player should be immediately removed from the field and monitored closely after a severe high G impact.

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