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The Next Generation of Crash Test Engineers

- Friday, July 20, 2012

Australia’s next generation of crash test engineers, bio-medical engineering students from Melbourne University, visited the Tech Centre in May this year. The 22 students along with their lecturer, Andrew Short a lecturer in Human Tissue mechanics at the University, were fascinated to see all the real world applications of the subject they had been learning about only in theory or with small scale laboratory experiments.

The students are working on new ways to evaluate Head Injury Criteria (HIC) and Nick Injury Criteria (NIC) as part of their masters in biomedical engineering. They have been conducting tests with eggs, for head impact assessment, and chicken neck and chicken legs for their tests to evaluate joint response to injury. 

The Tech Centre took the opportunity to show off their Phantom Flex High speed video equipment allowed the students to perform their ‘Egg drop’ tests whilst recording the action at 2000 frames per second. 

The APV Tech Centre is committed to supporting the students with events such as this and working with the local universities on collaborative research and development projects.

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