Accident Investigation

Whether you are from the Emergency Services, the Legal Profession, an Insurance Provider, or someone who has been hurt in an accident, we can help you put the pieces together to reconstruct a crash to give expert analysis of the kinematics and energy involved and subsequent injury criteria expected as a result.



Established in 1995, the APV Tech Centre is a full scale vehicle crash test laboratory for a range of customers, including local and international car OEMs, government legislators, insurance providers, universities, and consumer rating bodies.

The Test Centre is NATA accredited to perform ADR, ECE, FMVSS, JIT, and ISO compliance testing and is registered with the Department of Transport (DOTARS TFI #:T2741).

Our work covers every aspect of vehicle collisions and is supported by our two laboratories using state-of-the art test equipment. Individual elements of investigations include; vehicle analysis, black box recorders, crash data retrieval, seat-belt investigation, video analysis, digital crash reconstruction, and expert reporting.

Our site work is supported by in house energy dissipation pendulum testing, bungee sled impacts, crash track sled impacts, a seven metre drop tower, and full vehicle crash testing to any National or International standard. We have a full suite of Anthropometric Test Devices, (crash test dummies), to measure injury and correlate this with actual crash scenarios.


If you have been in an accident, or are representing someone who’s been in an accident, or refuting the differing opinions of what has happened in an accident, we can help put the pieces together of what actually happened and simulate digitally or physically what the outcome should be. In essence, taking opinion out of the debate.

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