Airbag Testing


For many years, The APV Tech Centre has provided test support for airbag R&D and production. Within Australia, its expertise in airbag testing is unmatched. The APV Tech Centre is the only NATA accredited airbag testing facility in Australia.

Increasingly, Australian insurance companies are putting the onus on aftermarket manufacturers to prove that their products do not affect vehicle airbags. Aftermarket seats, seat covers, dashboard covers and other additions such as protective screens can all influence the correct deployment of vehicle airbags

The deployment chambers at the APV Tech Centre can be used in conjunction with high speed imaging to capture and record the deployment characteristics of airbags with the aftermarket products. The data obtained is crucial in showing that duty of care has been met and that products have no discernible effect on vehicle safety


Airbag Deployment Capabilities


Seat Cover Airbag Testing

An aftermarket seat cover can be assessed by comparing a deployment without a seat cover (baseline test) to a deployment with a seat cover fitted, by measuring the airbag opening and full inflation times and determining what effect an aftermarket seat cover is having on the airbag system. It is essential that seat covers be tested as they can influence the deployment characterises of side airbags. The APV Tech Centre also has the capability to conduct these tests at extreme temperatures (-40°C to +110°C) in chambers to determine whether temperature is influencing the performance of the seat cover and the airbag.