Child Restraint Testing


As the interest in improving safety for children travelling in vehicles increases it is essential to analyse how a child restraint performs in a dynamic impact. The APV Tech Centre has years of experience in testing child restraints and evaluating their performance. It supports many of the Australian Child Restraints Manufacturers in developing their product from start to finish. The APV Tech Centre has the capability of performing various dynamic impacts; frontal, side, rear, inverted and oblique.

As well as testing to the Australian standards/regulations the APV Tech centre is also setup to perform testing to standards worldwide; such as European and US specifications. The APV Tech Centre can help you develop your product to whatever your application may be with the use of high speed cameras along with instrumented P-Series dummies.

Child Restraint Accessory Testing

The APV Tech Centre can test child restraint accessories to AS/NZS 8005. This standard has been developed specifically for child restraint accessories, it has been written in conjunction with the Child Restraint Standard (AS/NZS 1754). It is essential to test child restraint accessories to ensure that the accessory is not impeding the performance of the child restraint. The APV Tech Centre can work with you to develop and analyse your product to see if it meets the requirements of AS/NZS 8005. The APV Tech Centre has worked with RACV in the past in analysing how child restraint accessories can affect the performance of child restraints.