Dynamic Sled Testing

The APV Tech Centre offers a range of NATA accredited dynamic sled testing capabilities with specialised hardware and software to simulate a wide array of dynamic load conditions.

Sled testing offers a method of testing products to simulate crash conditions at a much lower cost than crashing a new off-the-line vehicle. From aftermarket vehicle additions to full vehicle restraint systems, sled testing can be used in both the R&D and certification stages to ensure the expected dynamic performance requirements of your product are achieved.

The APV Tech Centre offers two separate sled testing facilities; an electric motor driven haulage system powering a sled on our 70 metre crash track for more complex test protocols and a smaller catapult sled which offers a lower spec alternative suitable for less in-depth impact procedures. Both facilities are fully supported with atmosphere controlled preparation and test areas, fully instrumented anthropometric test dummies, high speed camera and data acquisition equipment, advanced data post processing software and 3D digital coordinate measurement capabilities. On-site fabrication and film analysis services are also available.

Electric Motor Haulage sled

Catapult sled