Wheelchair Testing

Transportation safety research has shown that the vehicle seat is a key component of the occupant-restraint system and therefore plays a vital role in reducing the risk of injury in a vehicle crash.

APV Tech Centre has the experience and capability to confirm that a wheelchair designed for use as occupant seating in a vehicle, meets all aspects of the Australian standard.

(APV Tech Centre also has experience testing to ISO and RESNA standards.)

Testing can be performed using APV’s universal 4 point tie down system or with a customer supplied tie down system. High speed film imaging, captures and records dummy and wheelchair excursions to ensure that requirements of the standard have been met.

Wheelchair Static Assessment

In a Static assessment, numerous aspects of the wheelchair are evaluated against the guidelines of the standard, all of which contribute to the overall safety of the wheelchair occupant when used in a vehicle. This includes the wheelchair manual as well as any other supporting literature, which is reviewed by APV’s experienced personnel against the requirements of the standard, to ensure that end users have all the necessary information to correctly install a wheelchair in a vehicle, with emphasis on the correct positioning of its occupant and the restraint system. In addition, the static assessment checks that tie down hook geometry and positioning on the wheelchair all comply with the standard’s requirements.


Wheelchair Testing Capabilities